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Victoria Island

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About Victoria Island
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Victoria island was originally surrounded by water. It lies between the Lekki Peninsula and the Atlantic Ocean but now is seen as the financial centre of Lagos, Nigeria and is known as a very upper market area. The wealthy people of Lagos and of course tourists enjoy the world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping malls. bars, nightclubs and movie theatres ensuring that you will never get bored.

Amazingly you won't find much outside Victoria Island with this quantity and quality of perfect holiday bliss without having to travel for hours on end. Do however be careful of the traffic and if you are expected to be at a certain place at a certain time, make sure the transportation time is adequate because the traffic is a nightmare due to the huge influx of business into the city. Also be very aware of advance fee fraudsters as Victoria Island serves as a base for these criminals trying to squeeze out money where they can.

On a lighter note, Victoria Island also serves, as a base for music and it is well known in West Africa for it. There are a number of great nightclubs to visit for this specific reason such as Sunny Ade's club and Ariya Night Club which is in Yaba as well as the beautiful and fresh open-air club of Jazz 38 where if you're lucky and talented enough to play your own musical instrument, you could be invited to take a seat with the on-stage band and play for the audience.

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