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Nigeria > Activities > Observe the beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation at Zuma rock

Observe The Beautiful And Unique Natural Work Of Rock Formation At Zuma Rock

Observe the beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation at Zuma rock
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A visit to Nigeria would not be complete without a visit to the amazing Zuma Rock – gateway to Abuja - the centre of Nigeria. Surrounded by mystery, its enormous 1km inselberg is so respected for its strength and splendour, it is depicted on the Hundred Naira Note.

One has to visit Zuma Rock, to appreciate the massive beauty and nature in its finest form. When viewed from the South it looks like a human face could have been chiseled out the rock, and it has intrigued many generations who have debated as to its origin and many a wives tail have been told as a result. Most of the locals believed that it was the home of powerful spirits, and anyone venturing near the Rock would never return. The myth was tested recently by some daring tourists from Russia who conquered the age old belief. It was so important that it was witnessed by Top Government Officials and the Minister of Tourism!

When they returned unharmed, Nigeria was confident enough to market Zuma Rock as a tourist destination for rock climbers, skeptics and naturalists who could come and enjoy the beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation. Since then, it has attracted people from far and wide – all wanting that extra edge of adventure, and is an experience not to be missed.

Conquering the mountain was as important to the Nigerians as landing on the moon was to the Americans! Take advantage of this relatively unexplored wonder of the world.

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