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Nigeria > Activities > Picnic along the shores of the Azumini River

Picnic Along The Shores Of The Azumini River

Picnic along the shores of the Azumini River
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Nigeria is a country full and rich with diversity and culture, a place where you are able to explore Africa in a more urbanized way. Of course, that is only in some parts. Nigeria also offers the African side of it that people all over the world crave.

In the more wild side of Nigeria, In the south-eastern corner to be exact, lies Azumini River. This aesthetically pleasing river, which is located in the Abia State, surrounded by beauty and nature, but also shows a more wild and dangerous side too. Where it reaches the majestic rapids it is called “the blue river.” This is because it is said that no other river in Nigeria is as clear and blue as the Azumini. Certainly something to see.

The perfect place for a long afternoon of munching sandwiches and watching the water birds swoop down into the river to get their own lunch. Along with the crystal blue waters comes canoe rides and comfortable sandy beaches where you can choose to lie for hours on end. They also provide picnickers with chairs and tables as well as BBQ grills to be used to your hearts content.

The water is so clear in fact, that the Aba Glass industry uses the uniquely bright and colourful stones as their raw materials when making products. The only down side to the river is that you might get tired trying to count all the fish that you can so clearly see swimming around.

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